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First Things First

FirstThingsFirst is a webapplication to create and use any kind of list. Create your own lists any way you like by using a set of predefined field types (text fields, notes fields, dropdown lists, etc). FirstThingsFirst is written completely in PHP and is ajax enabled (by means of xajax).

Try the online demo!

Try the online demo. Take a look at the online demo page for details.

How can I get it?

You can download the latest version on the download page and follow the installation instructions.

Can I see some screen shots?

You can find them on the screenshots page.

Your feedback is important!

To be able to keep improving First Things First I need your feedback! I am looking forward to your suggestions. Please mail your suggestions and opinions to me (see me contact details below). Alternatively you can enter Bug Reports or Feature Requests in the Sourceforge tracker page.

Thanks for your feedback!


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